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Camp Osprey Florida Kids Camp

Why Camp?

          Children spend so much time indoors these days and have hours of screen time of one sort or another. This lack of physical movement and exercise and exposure to the natural elements has been linked to the difficulties children are having in school and their overall health. When kids unplug from cellphones, TV and the internet, they discover new sports abilities, artistic talents, and adventure skills. Camp provides a wonderful opportunity to MOVE! Running, swimming, horseback riding, and climbing; Camp is ACTION!

           Freed from the overly structured routines of school, lessons, and home, a summer at Camp Osprey gives children a much needed break to play actively and imaginatively outdoors. Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can relax, laugh out loud, and be silly all day long with their new best friends. Fresh air and sunshine are pretty hard to beat!

          This summer at Camp Osprey can be a break and at the same time a chance to recharge the brain, build motor skills, and return to school refreshed and ready to learn!

First Time Campers

          Camp Osprey is ideal for first time campers due to its limited enrollment. Unlike some camps that accommodate hundreds of campers, and where your child can easily get lost in the crowd, the directors and staff of Camp Osprey get to know each camper on a first-name basis. We also preach the importance of safety, both physically and emotionally with a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying. This creates a place where kids can feel safe and develop supportive relationships while away from home for the first time. Their Cabin Counselor is like a big brother or sister. They help each camper work out their schedule and get comfortable in their group. Campers progress at their own rate, participating in the activities they find most enjoyable and are not tied to a cabin or age group. Most days will be a mix of outdoor adventures, selected activities, group games, and time to rest.

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